Group Tutorial 10/11/08

16 11 2008

The first of my Group tutorials for the year with 4 peers and my supervisor; Simon Perkins.

The theme of the first tutorial was very much a meet and greet, with a heavy emphasis on informing each other and Simon of our project proposals, what we’ve done in the past and where we want to be.

The discussion of my project covered;

– The Practicality of working in the games industry, A balance of skills vs ideas.

– What practice outcomes could show the strengths of adaptable ideas generation yet highlight skills?

– Episodic Gaming, a method of game development with smaller development cycles, allowing for rapid change and adjustment. Is this something I should look at?

– “Mod” development. How working with a group of people to create a Modification for an existing game is important for the CV. Also it works with a known quantity to develop something new.

– Pilot project should be a proof of concept experiment.

Reacting to all this discussion, I feel that whilst pragmatism is important (i.e. the ability to adapt, etc) I may have covered a lot of this over a 3 year BA hons in GD.

It’s important for me personally to expand my skills base. I could have all the ideas in the world, but without the library of technical skills with which to realise them, and exhibit them to others I don’t really see what the point is.

It’s a tough balance.




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