To do and priorities.

11 01 2009

Hopefully soon in this second term I can get to actually working on some of my characters, so, it’s become important to solidify some of the details of the world of the story.

Here’s a quick priority list.
– Setting (time, location, atmosphere)

– Events (what has happened, where etc)

– Characters (names of characters, roles in the game, relationships with each other)

– Gameplay devices (abilities of the player, possible control schemes)

– Level Flow, the over-arcing narrative of the game.

I feel that with these established into the design document, with visual boards to accompany some of the entries, and diagrams for the others, I will have a reliable source for the “function” of my character designs.

I’m giving myself the week and a bit to do this. I’m going to discuss it at tuesdays tutorial with Simon.




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