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25 01 2009

There is a great article about the character creation process over on by Ingmar Zahorsky.  These are some excerpts from it that I feel really open up “how” to make a character.

“In this phase you are going to define your character. This is done by asking yourself a set of questions that will help you learn about whom it is that you are going to bring to life.”

Defining character functions and personality through recording what you “know” of them already.

“Once you know your character well enough and are able to visualize what he might look like, start gathering some reference that will aid you in communicating your idea most clearly. Find the elements that will help you in the realization process.
If your character is an ancient warrior from a forgotten culture look up images of the Aztec, Mayan’s, Egyptians or other old human cultures. Research different types of armor, weapons, hairstyles clothing etc. This research will help you as a starting point to depart into unknown territory. It will be a proven launching pad for your own ideas.”

This is the reference phase – a launch pad to begin your own sketching.  This highlights the need for a visual “bank” of material for T.W.O.T.S.

Given some of the info in this article,  I’ll likely use this structure for my first character sheet production.

After that, I’ll reflect the process accordingly in my Term 2 Gantt.

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