Conceptualization phase – Pigeon King Character

26 01 2009

-Character Structure


What is the life purpose of your character?

  • To live out the rest of his life undisturbed with his pigeons.
  • To train carrier pigeons for the military

Where is he from

  • He’s from London, born and raised.
  • He fought in the first world war, but due to injury, could not fight in the second.

What does he do?

  • He keeps pigeons on his rooftop abode, he trains carrier pigeons for the army.
  • He keeps himself to himself and chooses not to do much socialising.

What is your character afraid off?

  • Something/one hurting/capturing his pigeons
  • Being alone without his pigeons
  • Something/one disturbing his way of life.
  • The “Jerries” (german invasion)

What does he think about?

  • He mainly daydreams
  • The Past
  • His service in WW1
  • The War

What is their main obstacle in life?

  • His lack of social skills, or desire to connect with other humans.

What are his strengths?

  • His affinity with his pigeons
  • He’s aged quite well

What are his weaknesses?

  • His age restricts him more than he’d like.
  • He’s old and tired
  • Injuries 

What type of friends does he have?

  • Pigeons
  • Other pigeon keepers

What are his “standards”?

  • He doesn’t enjoy being on the streets, he prefers the roofs where he can see the sky.
  • He isn’t overly concerned with hygiene, he’s happy enough for pigeons to settle on him, but he wouldn’t tolerate their droppings on him
  • He keeps a very nostalgic wardrobe, retaining many of his military fatigues – He’s mildly eccentric, and about a quarter century behind the times.


Physiological Characteristics

  • He’s old but foolhardy
  • He’s aged well, but he’s not exactly olympian
  • He’s not weak, but his age means he lacks stamina
  • His aging joints restrict him from too much jumping or fast running
  • His injury is defining and limiting (“peg leg”?) 

Sociological Characteristics

  • He leads a reclusive life through choice
  • He doesn’t lack confidence, infact he is quite sure of himself
  • He’s stubborn, he prefers the way things used to be done
  • Can be quite militaristic, but acts like a proud father to his pigeons

Psychological characteristics

  • Strong minded
  • Stubbornness makes him determined
  • When separated from his pigeons he feels weak and exposed
  • Disciplined



  • The pigeon king cares immensely for his pigeons, they are his love the one thing that keeps him going
    – Hopefully players will be subconciously reminded of their no.1 love in life. Through this they may connect to the character.
  • Without them he feels like nothing, with them he feels almost invincible.
    – The game will feature moments when he is forced to continue alone, players will hopefully relate to the loneliness and sympathise with PK 



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