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20 02 2009

Ok, so after my mood boards, I began to look at old RAF officers and their attire.


Due to the simplistic style, this looks too Generic military.


I decided that the characters love of Aviation was his main motive for his occupation, rather than his militaristic patriotism. I was also trying out this idea of him suing his cane to launch seed at enemies for the pigeons to attack. I’ll see where that goes


Whilst I liked the attire of the flight jacket and googles etc, the style seemed too fun and childish.
So iwent about dropping the typically cartoony black outlines, working instead with shapes + textures.

This is already looking a bit more Photorealistic (at least in textures) but retains charm and style.


Here I’m just comparing having the googles on and off.  I’ve also added a nose in and lightened the tash, as with more realistic skin – omitting facial features looks rather freaky.


Here I’ve added eyebrows and coloured eyes – irises to be exact.  They are a bit overbearing though. and the skin is VERY orange.


Lightening the skin makes him more human, the eyebrows are too dark though, they almost have a black outline. Also + RAF rank badge on his shoulder.


Here is the up to date version.  whites to the eyes make him more human. The cane is now added in too.

He looks a little too cute though.  I think I need to harden him up if he’s going to take on a bunch of Zombies.




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