Dan Paladin. Artist at “The Behemoth”

18 03 2009

I’m mentioning Dan paladin here because he’s long been an influence on my style of work. Bold marker-esque line work with colours shaded deceptively deeply in block shades.

Dan draws freely and quickly, with fun at heart.

Dan is particularly important to my position because he is the sole artist at indie gamedeveloper “the behemoth”. Not only does Dan do all the art, animations, level designs – everything- he’s also making most of the art direction decsions. This is quite unique in upper teir games development, but rather usual in smaller development teams.

This is the situation that makes games like Castle Crashers and Alien Hominid so unique and charming. The independent game development structure is free from restraint, unbound by stereotypes.

It is in this realm, and by these people, that innovative character design is tying with innovative game design to create compelling new experiences.

Even in the case of Castle Crashers that borrows so much from it’s genre conventions, compelling art direction can change the game so much from the perspective of the player.




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