Character Design : Henry Hatsworth and Weaslby the 3rd.

3 06 2009

Henry Hatsworth is a character from the DS game “Henry Hatsworth in the puzzling adventure” The game is quite unique in that it is a platform adventure game where solving puzzles on the other DS screen grants powers to the player on the screen above:
Henry Hatsworth (HH for now) is a British Adventurer with something of a colonial spirit to his appearance and style. He’s typicaly Adorned with khaki shirt and monacle, often weidling a cup of tea and an officers rapier – He’s also quite an old chap, which put’s him quite close to cooper in some ways; British and proud of it – but perhaps a little too old for all this adventuring.

The design of HH himself is quitesimilar to my favoured style of rendeirng, simple black outlines and subtle gradients and highlights in areas of soliud colour. Quite obviously hatsworth was rendered  in a slightly more controlled environment than photoshop, possibly illustrator or another vector program;

HH’s design is simple, and makes use of accent colours (red hat band + scarf) to create a character that scales well to the screen restrictions of the nintendo DS.

HH’s nemesis. – The appropriately named “Weasleby the 3rd” is his exact foil:

  • Where HH is pragmatic, Weasleby is swave and exhuberant,  (Top hat / diamond cane)
  • Where HH ‘s lines are3 round and gentle, weaslby is sharp and pointy (nose, eyebrows)
  • Weaslby has the same attire as HH by type. Hat, Eyepiece, Cane, Neckerchief, jacket, shirt.

It is easy to see the structure of a typical Archnemsis/Villain at play here. All the qualities of the Hero’s ppaerance are shared by his foil but they are taken to the other end of the spectrum. The hero is not concerned for luxury, he just gets the job done with khaki’s and browns,  the Villian however is all suedes and silks and golds.




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