GD Symposium: Russell Cobb Head of the AOI

19 02 2009

Russell Cobb


Russell Works alone, keeps many sketchbooks – Observation Ideas diaries memories stories. The backbone of what he does.

In the 80’s his school had no computer.

Sketchbook is a window to the persons raw creative ability etc.

Uses his sketchbooks daily.  “from one month to the next you’ll loose over 90% of your ideas.” so there is good reason to document them.

Observation is very very important.  Spent time going round the tube sketching people. An obsession with observation.

Always working away at things that interest him.

Helps to quickly visualise something. The ability to be a thinker, to have ideas. Obviously style finish etc is important , but the ideas underneth the veneer is important.

10,00 spreads of sketcbooks. :/ in 1994.

There is no logic it just pours out of life, observation.

Remain inquisitive – Stay curious.

Even writing can be so important, capturing raw thoughts.

Self Promotion

  • Don’t just slip into the marketplace.  “Create your own market”
  • Send out a postcard that is what you likeo do. Do the things that inspire you.
  • produced about 36 cards (collect and keep idea)
  • won the aoi gold award for self promotion 4 times.

Personal work

Keep working wth themes that inspire you, or even just hold your interest.

Published work

Book covers, billboards, making boring themes into good work. What people see, that is out there can lead to more commisions.



forming a group of illustrators – have a group “brand” and a group portfolio. Self critique each other.


GD Symposium: Mainframe

19 02 2009

Fraser Davidson

Used to study at NTU. Did motion Graphics throug BA.

After graduating, joined mainframe. Do a lot of tv titles TV promos /branding/mobile/viral/ 20ish people there. has show reels.

Furniture job “established and sons”, free reign to interpret the briefs.

Design BG and own work connected to this.

TV promo’s are their bread and butter.

How to promote work.  > youtube etc.
start something viralish.
Get people involved.

“The alternative Rugby League”


Tutorial 13th Jan. Live Blog

13 01 2009

Gantt charts are discussed.
The module guide offers what happens week on week.

The problem can change as you develop. get out of the mind set of “the problem solver”

Build the concept. What is the part of the project I need to understand the most? – – devise practice tests and produce work, reflect on it through the journal.

Postgrad – Preparing you to present your ideas to others. the understanding is the more untanglibe and important. tho get there though, you need to starts producing

Produce a high level gantt chart. Be as detailed as possible.

Know the timepaths  Add mile stones. Self set deadlines.

reflect at milestones. between milestones just work, produce practice.


Go deeper in time scales. use milestones based on the moduleguide timescale.
(6 months till  MA deadline)

2 week test:

  • Discover proof of concept standards name? – what is the name of the container, what are the things that would be in there? all pitch work for games?
  • Produce style sheets for the pigeon king, based on finalised twots. Accounting for function and gameplay and art direction.

(If “x” “y” and “z” are this characters functions, then this is how he could look.)
Practice is discussed as a chain of problems, making one thing, leading to another.

Aims for end of week.

Produce a gannt chart showing what I’ll do. make it detailed.

Aims for fortnight.

Produce character sheets for a pigeon king