20 02 2009

In order to keep myself focussed when deisgning – I’ve made some meed/theme boards that I think sum up the sort of visual style I’m going after:









TWOTS revisions

26 01 2009

Incase the earlier posts hadn’t given it away, the victorian era theme has been dropped in favour of world war 2 London, during the height of the blitz. 

This setting opens up more opportunities to tie the character to the world more successfully;

– The Pigeon King is now a soldier of ww1 retired through injury. To do his bit for the war effort, he trains carrier/homing pigeons for the British Army

– Although a “hermit” through choice he is typically patriotic and loves his country. 

This gives the character more humanity, and a motive to progress. It also makes the keeping of pigeons more relevant and important to the world of the story, and justifies their use as “soldiers”

To do and priorities.

11 01 2009

Hopefully soon in this second term I can get to actually working on some of my characters, so, it’s become important to solidify some of the details of the world of the story.

Here’s a quick priority list.
– Setting (time, location, atmosphere)

– Events (what has happened, where etc)

– Characters (names of characters, roles in the game, relationships with each other)

– Gameplay devices (abilities of the player, possible control schemes)

– Level Flow, the over-arcing narrative of the game.

I feel that with these established into the design document, with visual boards to accompany some of the entries, and diagrams for the others, I will have a reliable source for the “function” of my character designs.

I’m giving myself the week and a bit to do this. I’m going to discuss it at tuesdays tutorial with Simon.

Vague twots diagram.

11 01 2009

Did this in an afternoon before Christmas.  It’s very rough, but it’s headed down the right path.

click for fullsize

click for fullsize

On reflection, it needs to be more chronological, with seperations for gameplay details/plot details.