Character Design : Henry Hatsworth and Weaslby the 3rd.

3 06 2009

Henry Hatsworth is a character from the DS game “Henry Hatsworth in the puzzling adventure” The game is quite unique in that it is a platform adventure game where solving puzzles on the other DS screen grants powers to the player on the screen above:
Henry Hatsworth (HH for now) is a British Adventurer with something of a colonial spirit to his appearance and style. He’s typicaly Adorned with khaki shirt and monacle, often weidling a cup of tea and an officers rapier – He’s also quite an old chap, which put’s him quite close to cooper in some ways; British and proud of it – but perhaps a little too old for all this adventuring.

The design of HH himself is quitesimilar to my favoured style of rendeirng, simple black outlines and subtle gradients and highlights in areas of soliud colour. Quite obviously hatsworth was rendered  in a slightly more controlled environment than photoshop, possibly illustrator or another vector program;

HH’s design is simple, and makes use of accent colours (red hat band + scarf) to create a character that scales well to the screen restrictions of the nintendo DS.

HH’s nemesis. – The appropriately named “Weasleby the 3rd” is his exact foil:

  • Where HH is pragmatic, Weasleby is swave and exhuberant,  (Top hat / diamond cane)
  • Where HH ‘s lines are3 round and gentle, weaslby is sharp and pointy (nose, eyebrows)
  • Weaslby has the same attire as HH by type. Hat, Eyepiece, Cane, Neckerchief, jacket, shirt.

It is easy to see the structure of a typical Archnemsis/Villain at play here. All the qualities of the Hero’s ppaerance are shared by his foil but they are taken to the other end of the spectrum. The hero is not concerned for luxury, he just gets the job done with khaki’s and browns,  the Villian however is all suedes and silks and golds.


Cooper improvements.

30 04 2009

Following fdeedback from PGD presentations and some problems I have noticed myself. I’ve made some additions and cange to how cooper looks. I think the results are a marked improvment and have brought out his character more.


the above limage is an animated png. firefox 3 users should be able to see it move , other browser users may not. If you’re not using firefox 3. Why not?!


The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai.

21 03 2009

The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai is a game from independent developer James Silva. James is making this entire game himself. The art – the code – everything.

This makes him something of an enigma today, like the “bedroom coders” of the spectrum and commodore 64 from the 70’s and 80’s the whole project, from conception to reality is Silva’s brainchild.

As with most games I’ve been looking at specifically, Dishwasher has somewhat of a unique art style, something not often sold or seen in mainstream – store bought retail games.

Silva’s style is one of an angry teenagers notebook, and it works, it brings to life the rough strokes of sketching into a bizzarre twist of violent revenge from an over worked an under appreciated Dishwasher.

Dan Paladin. Artist at “The Behemoth”

18 03 2009

I’m mentioning Dan paladin here because he’s long been an influence on my style of work. Bold marker-esque line work with colours shaded deceptively deeply in block shades.

Dan draws freely and quickly, with fun at heart.

Dan is particularly important to my position because he is the sole artist at indie gamedeveloper “the behemoth”. Not only does Dan do all the art, animations, level designs – everything- he’s also making most of the art direction decsions. This is quite unique in upper teir games development, but rather usual in smaller development teams.

This is the situation that makes games like Castle Crashers and Alien Hominid so unique and charming. The independent game development structure is free from restraint, unbound by stereotypes.

It is in this realm, and by these people, that innovative character design is tying with innovative game design to create compelling new experiences.

Even in the case of Castle Crashers that borrows so much from it’s genre conventions, compelling art direction can change the game so much from the perspective of the player.

Level Test

17 03 2009

If you want to see it in HD. which I advise, Go here

Walk cycles

12 03 2009

Progression to date: Post may take a long time to load

20 02 2009

Ok, so after my mood boards, I began to look at old RAF officers and their attire.


Due to the simplistic style, this looks too Generic military.


I decided that the characters love of Aviation was his main motive for his occupation, rather than his militaristic patriotism. I was also trying out this idea of him suing his cane to launch seed at enemies for the pigeons to attack. I’ll see where that goes


Whilst I liked the attire of the flight jacket and googles etc, the style seemed too fun and childish.
So iwent about dropping the typically cartoony black outlines, working instead with shapes + textures.

This is already looking a bit more Photorealistic (at least in textures) but retains charm and style.


Here I’m just comparing having the googles on and off.  I’ve also added a nose in and lightened the tash, as with more realistic skin – omitting facial features looks rather freaky.


Here I’ve added eyebrows and coloured eyes – irises to be exact.  They are a bit overbearing though. and the skin is VERY orange.


Lightening the skin makes him more human, the eyebrows are too dark though, they almost have a black outline. Also + RAF rank badge on his shoulder.


Here is the up to date version.  whites to the eyes make him more human. The cane is now added in too.

He looks a little too cute though.  I think I need to harden him up if he’s going to take on a bunch of Zombies.